Library » Rosa G. Maddock School Media Center

Rosa G. Maddock School Media Center

Literacy Teacher:   Ms. Neal

Media Clerk:     Mrs. Trynoha


Policies, Privileges, and Responsibilities


Students visit the Library once a week with their class to check out materials.  They sit in their assigned seats.


All students at Maddock may check out books. Students in grades Kindergarten through 6th grade must have their school ID card to check out library materials.


Early Childhood, Pre-School, and Pre-Primary students:

     Check out one book

     Books remain in the classroom

     Books are checked out for 1 week


Grades Kindergarten and 1st grade

     Check out one book

     Books are checked out for 2 weeks


Grades 2nd – 6th

     Check out 2 books (optional 3rd item, such as magazine)

     Books are checked out for 2 weeks, with option to renew, if there 

     are no hold requests.


***Items checked out are due back by the end of the school year.



1-2 weeks overdue – reminder notice given to student

3-4 weeks overdue – notice mailed home to the family

Students are suspended from borrowing until overdue books are returned (or they are paid for if the book(s)/items cannot be found)



Accidents happen! Most children are responsible, and if a book accidentally becomes damaged, we stress the responsibility to report and replace the damaged book. A notice will be sent home with your child to inform you of the replacement cost.  Most of our books are library bound, and not the trade editions you see sold in bookstores.  Students with damaged/lost book fees may not check out additional books until the fees are paid.



The Library belongs to everyone!

Be respectful! To Librarian/Teacher, Others, & Materials

Follow directions the first time

Keep hands, feet, objects to yourself

Quiet while Librarian/Teacher is talking or reading

Use all materials properly

No eating, drinking, or gum chewing

Walk & use library voice during checkout

Follow proper check out procedure

Bring library books on a timely basis


Proper care of library materials is stressed in all grades.  Please help your child designate a safe place at home, like a shelf, to store library books.